The landing beaches in Normandy

The 4 allied flags landing DDAY

Throughout the region, many commemorations are held around the theme of the D-Day landings. First in June, but also throughout the summer.

The campsite near the Dday beaches

Our establishment is located not far from the major sites of the D-day. Indeed, we are close to the Pegasus Bridge Memorial and the Merville Battery.

Thus, by booking in our campsite, you will be able to attend the various celebrations offered by the region without any difficulty.

You can also discover our beautiful Côte fleurie!

List of the landing beaches

Sword Beach

This beach extends over 8 km from Ouistreham to Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer. This is the easternmost landing point. It is also located about 15 km from Caen.

Gold Beach

It is located between Asnelles and Ver-sur-Mer on the western coast of Calvados. About 25,000 men landed there on D-Day.

Utah Beach

Being the most western beach of the Allied landing zones and the only one located in the English Channel on the north-eastern coast of the Cotentin peninsula, Utah Beach stretches from Sainte-Marie-du-Mont to Quinéville for about 5 km. You can also see the main assault zone at Varreville.

Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach is one of the two American landing areas in Normandy.

This beach is 3 miles long and is located east of Utah Beach. It is composed of the localities of Vierville-sur-Mer to the west, Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer in the center, as well as the villages of Colleville-sur-Mer and Le-Grand-Hameau to the east. A plateau overhangs the shore and four valleys allow to reach the inland.

The Côte-d’Or is its original name.

Juno Beach

Running for 8 km, it is located between Sword Beach and Gold Beach, and extends from Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer in the east to halfway between the villages of La Rivière Hameau.

For more information and to follow live the evolution of the events do not hesitate to visit the website of the Normandy region.